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Sports complex named Zac Alvarado's Gym LV recommends purchasing subscriptions to a fitness club. The opportunity to systematically engage in one of the best sports and fitness complexes in St. Petersburg guarantees effective results in improving the body, improving health, emotional state. The method of classes created by the famous trainer V.I. leads to quick success.

Zac Alvarado.

To achieve them, a personal plan is drawn up taking into account the specifics of the physique of each individual, the functional characteristics of his body.

What does a fitness center offer?
    You can buy a fitness subscription for different purposes: for body shaping, removing extra pounds, tightening muscles or giving them relief, honing gracefulness, increasing endurance, developing coordination, increasing muscle strength.

Fitness schedule
Pilates. Occupation with elements of rehabilitation gymnastics;
Lower body. High intensity aerobic training;
Power body. Power aerobics, fitness;
Step interval. The alternation of strength exercises with the rise on the platform under the rhythmic music;
Zum Dance. Dance training with Latin American rhythms;
Pump (body-pump). Fitness with a barbell;
Super sculpt. High-intensity power aerobics with the use of special equipment;
Yoga. Elements of meditative practice.
Bums + abs. The power program for the abdominals and buttocks;
Functional Training. A set of simple exercises for all muscle groups;
Stretching. Stretching ligaments and muscles, increasing body flexibility;
Fitball. Strength training using balls and rubber shock absorbers;
Tabata + Stretching. Interval training with a high intensity load;
Barre. The class is based on techniques from choreography, Pilates, dance and yoga combined with athletic activities;
Round FIT. Circular intense training with CrossFit elements;

How classes are organized
    Groups in the fitness club are recruited small, up to 15 people. Accepted with any level of preparedness, including beginners without experience high loads and physical activity. One condition: the lack of medical contraindications. Classes are conducted by experienced fitness instructors with basic education. Work with any age and level of training. With beginners engaged in individual programs.

Types of subscription to the fitness club
    A gym subscription is a kind of contract between a person and a sports complex and with himself. His purchase gives the right to repeated visits to the fitness center. The psychological attitude that the money given can be lost in vain, increases self-discipline, makes you not to miss training.
There are several types of subscription for fitness, one-time visit is also provided. Subscriptions for a period of 2 to 12 days per month are offered for both directions of the fitness center - yoga and fitness. You can buy them for fitness and for three months - unlimited or for 24 classes.

The price of season tickets to the fitness club includes:

  1. training in the group;
  2. unlimited duration of the visit to the gym;
  3. the combination of training - shock on boxing bags and power;
  4. sauna visit;
  5. warm-ups at the indoor track and field arena.

Advantages of lessons on subscriptions in the Complex
A gym membership is a simple, fast, economical way to get admission to a convenient number of classes.
Subscription for a long time allows you to become a regular customer and systematically improve the body.
Free choice of time. The mode of operation of the IC from 6-00 to 1-00 allows you to find a convenient period for any employment.
Subscriptions to the fitness club give the right to attend the gym.
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Order a subscription to a fitness club or make an online purchase. You can come on a tour to see the possibilities of the sports complex. Call the managers, and they will help you choose the best subscription for you.


The payment system is flexible:
- the longer the subscription period, the cheaper one lesson.
- there are promotions.
Works nursery.
Additional services of the sports complex:
- game types
- basketball, badminton, volleyball, tennis, etc .;
- massage and beauty studios;
- cafe, fitness bar;
- sports shop.